Friday, September 2, 2011

Or Nothing - Boston's Very Own

Using the electronic media for good instead of evil, I posted that I needed to find some new music to listen to and write about, damn if that wasn't the best idea I've ever had.  Through the miraculous "Twitter", I learned about the band, "Or Nothing", and I couldn't be giddier if I tried.

Its a tenuous undertaking when you ask the world of social media to help you find good music, I mean how do I know if the band someone is talking about is the next Metallica or the next William Hung?  "Or Nothing" is not William Hung (there is a special place in Hell for him), but what they are is incredible!

Hailing from Boston, 'Or Nothing" is a band that piqued my interest as soon as I saw their profile on Twitter.  Boston's Premier Alternative Band has that dark edge that grabs hold of your interest and keeps you impressed throughout.  I found myself kind of lost in the music, its absolutely great.  With a sound similar to Nine Inch Nails, "Or Nothing" has the distinct quality that is not a NiN cover band, they are unique in their own fashion.

I ventured into their clutches when I visited their Facebook page and there I found links that allowed me to listen to their music.  The first song I heard "Waking", had that dirty feel to it (Trent Reznor would be proud), starting out quietly, slow paced but the lyrics had the ability to force me to want to listen just to them (if this were a vinyl record, I would have already worn it out).  Waking is worth the investment of buying anything from the band.

"Celebeauty" is a song that takes one hell of a shot at the "beautiful" celebrities that grace the covers of the tabloid trash that we are inundated with at any grocery store check-out's.  Its infectious, I'm guessing I will be humming this one all day (no one wants to hear me sing)!

"Spin (Every Day)" really has the feel of angst, no not angst, pain is a more fitting description.  It is reminiscent of a Suicidal Tendencies song "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow", the pain is real, palpable, I love it!

Grasping that hard, dirty edge is "Tread Lightly" has the feel and sound of a great NiN song, but it is so NOT NiN.  Instead it has the distinction of the personal experiences that can only be drawn upon to create music like this does.

With a funky feel, "Namaste", could be one my favorites for a very long time.  Funky isn't owned by the likes of George Clinton or Red Hot Chili Peppers but unless its done correctly one might think so.  That isn't a problem with this one, I love the song.  The beat is really solid, so much in fact I had to check my windows to be sure no one would see me bobbing my head like that stupid "Flo" bobble-head doll in those insurance commercials.

"The Pride" could be described the exact same way as "Namaste" was, however this one has that feel of power in the song.  I could see this song being attached to a "bad guy" or a "loner" in a modern, industrial feeling movie character.  I think that this song can not only hold its own with other well-known Alternative bands but this one could be used in the same class.  Its simply that good.

Now then, its time for me to talk about the song "Number 16", that funky, industrial feeling song that is simply my favorite of the songs I listened too.  This song really grabs my heart and pulls it out.  It has that dirty edge that great alternative songs require to be worth a crap.  I honestly thing that any "big" Alternative band would do themselves a favor by covering this beast.

I can't express to you, the reader (yes that means YOU), buy their stuff, disappointment will not not follow the purchase.  "Or Nothing" IS another thing that has come from Boston that kicks arse!

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