Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BoH - Birth of Happiness

Through the magical world of the internet, I was contacted about a band called BoH (Birth of Happiness) and as I dug through the chaff that lay upon the floor, I discovered a band that I really have to talk about.

One of the great things about doing this blog is actually all of the interesting bands that I have been told about.  My notepads are overflowing with band names and web addresses, and my "Favorites" on my browser is chock full with websites.  Of the bands, I have had very few disappointments, and the Birth of Happiness isn't one of those disappointments.

With many of the bands I have had the pleasure to listen to I have to rely on the information that is discernible through the magic of the internet.  YouTube, band websites, iTunes, etc., are the best way for me to hear their music, and when I started my trek toward the Birth of Happiness, the internet was my only path.

According to Reverbnation, the members of BoH include Manny Martinez and... only Manny Martinez.  Martinez plays guitar, bass, keyboards as well as songwriting and vocals and of the body of work I could find, Martinez only needs himself.  I was able to find two songs on the BoH website and on Reverbnation and those two songs were enough.

Both songs had a different feel and with that said, each should be talked about and allowed to rest on their own laurels.  First off is the song "So Surreal" and if you have ever been a fan of the alternative music of the '80's, you will be impressed.

"So Surreal" has an exceptionally complex mixture of a few of the '80's alternative bands, "The Replacements" and "Love and Rockets" seem to have melded themselves and just for a little character, a little "Plimsouls" for good measure.  I really like this song, despite the comparisons to the aforementioned bands, BoH is fresh and fits into the alternative scene of today.

"Cynical" is, at least for me, an amalgam of "Alice In Chains" and "Janes Addiction" and does it work.  I know that the combination doesn't seem possible, but it just feels right and of the two this is my favorite.

If I had anything to say about the band that was negative it would be this, "I NEED MORE!  I love what I have heard but I want MORE!"  I will wait with baited breath for more tracks or acquiring the bands EP.

Take the time to visit the band's website as well as the Reverbnation site and follow this band, its worth every minute of it.

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