Thursday, September 15, 2011


Objectivity is the thing that separates us from apes (and you thought it was the thumb) and utilizing that trait is important in all of our decisions.  Music as a rule cannot be objective rather it can be subjective (I think) but utilizing that rule we can select the best music possible for our enjoyment.  MirrorMind is a band where subjectivity can go out the window.  Why is that you might ask, keep reading...

MirrorMind is a Progressive Canadian band that doesn't require subjectivity because they're too good to need to be subjective.  That answered my question me thinks but why are they so good (another question sheesh)?

As you may have noticed (if you have visited my blog before) my taste in music is fairly eclectic and when you find a band such as "MirrorMind" that has a very similar taste in music it becomes a welcome "task" to listen to them.  Task is actually the wrong word, but I think you might understand what I mean.  Wanting to listen and then listening is a "task" I guess but it really isn't a task when its flat out enjoyable.

I really think that the thing that distinguishes itself from other music is that it does draw from its music favorites without trying to sound like them.  Of the songs I was able to hear, at no time did they sound like Pink Floyd, but you can see (or hear) how they have pulled the depth of their music in a Floyd like way.  Musicians have to be able to delineate their music with the music of others or they stand a very good chance to sound more like a tribute band (Kingdom Come anyone). 

This band can make the delineation with little effort, musically they are beyond great and vocally they are a pleasure to listen to.  The vocals of Emanuelle Rayne are distinct but does remind me of the likes of Nicole Lee (Znowhite) and Maria Brink (In This Moment) and both of the comparisons are meant in a great way.  The thing that distinguishes Rayne's vocals are the similarities to those two singers and what I would feel like the two voices have morphed together.  Her vocals are exactly what a band like MirrorMind must have, they fit seamlessly.

Musically this band deserves to be compared with Dream Theater and I would almost bet that members of each band could play interchangeably.  The songs I was able to hear although longer than many (that shouldn't be taken in a bad way), the songs are perfect for what they are trying to do.  You might be asking what that last statement meant and its simple really, what they are trying to accomplish fits perfectly and wouldn't be as good if they were doing a three minute song.  Imagine "Peggy Sue" by Buddy Holly and think to yourself would it be better if it was 5 minutes long?  I bet your answer would be no.

I would really LOVE to be able to get my hands on more of their music because I would bet that they are even better than what I had already heard (hint, hint).  Unfortunately for me Montreal is a bit too far for me to go to a show and there aren't any live videos on YouTube so I'll be content with the three studio songs I have heard.

The band MirrorMind is worth every minute of the music I have been able to listen to.  People in Montreal (and other places) take a night off and go see this band live (and bring me back cool stuff that I can have sent to me)  ;-)  Kidding by the way, I was just kidding but in all seriousness this band is worth seeing.  If you get a CD, or take in a show (or visit their page on Facebook), let them know I sent you and I said hello too.  Bravo!

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