Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Dog Named Lumpy

My family and I were blessed with a dog that we named Marshall (after Wilbur Marshall, ex-Chicago Bear LB), he came from some friends that had bred their dog.  Marshall was a Black Lab and when we got him, he had the greatest personality.  The dog pranced when he walked, he was always happy and he really loved us all (and we reciprocated that love).  Marshall was still young when he had a serious accident, well it was more like an attack by another dog.  That attack was so severe that we had no choice but to put him to sleep, we were all crushed.  Where does this Lumpy come in you ask.  Well....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Slash - Mississippi Moon Bar

Famous, sometimes infamous, men have slashed and burned their way through the history of man-kind.  From Attila the Hun, to William Tecumseh Sherman and his March to the Sea, to the blitzkrieg of World War II humanity has been subjected to the practice that left everything smoldering in their wake.  Each purveyor of the “slash and burn” philosophy was successful in its accomplishment of leaving the victims smashed, their very essence drained from their lifeless charred bodies.  History itself cannot describe the true aftereffects of the tactics except to describe the events that befell the victims in mere words like shock, terror and awe.  Why even Sherman must have looked back at his “March to the Sea” in awe but unlike Sherman, Dubuque, Iowa didn’t have the burnt terrain, it just had awe.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blackfoot - Halfway Jam

The history of rock is one that has far more bands that have failed, vanished, ran away screaming or just went 'POOF'.  All too often the aftermath can be so tumultuous that the whirlwind that spawns can be as Dorothy-not-in-Kansas any more.  The divisions can separate families, divide countries and set foreign policy (okay those might be just a TAD over the top).  What can happen is that the cause and effect has the ability to generate something that can be just as good or even better that the original iteration.  What on earth can I be talking about?