Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Hunting Accident - It Was No Accident

Band names are one of the best ways to spark interest in the band (if you haven't heard their music first), and at times can be a clue as to the type of music they perform (i.e., Ratt, Twisted Sister, Metallica, Megadeth  and judging by the names, not an easy listening band).  When I heard of the band named "The Hunting Accident", I had to listen.

The name "The Hunting Accident" is intriguing, it would be a great book title, or a movie title, it could also be a description of a former Vice President shooting his friend (yes I went there) but for the name of a band, I was hooked.  The fact that I was hooked was because of the possibilities of the type of music they played.  The name does fit a punk band, a thrash band, a metal band, or even an alternative band but having no knowledge of the band I felt like a kid at Christmas.

When I got to their website, I was drawn to the section labeled "Music" (what did you think it would be called, Miniature Horsey Pictures), and I started the adventure.  Finding four songs, I began listening to the first song, "Hot Drum", and I was struck by the similarity between their sound and the group "Train".  I like the song, it feels contemporary and I think this song could (SHOULD) be on the radio. 

The second song is a bouncy little ditty called "Important", its really catchy and could be a really nice earworm (in a good way, not like a Wham earworm).  This is another radio worthy song and a favorite of mine.

The song "Jack Trap" reminds me of a whirling dervish, it has a great beat, frantic is a good description.  The fact that the drums and piano are used in the way they are in this song is great.  As the song progresses, the beat slows and is brought back to that frantic feel by the drums and piano.  Great song!

"Big Mistake" is not what this song is, not by a long shot.  It has a different flavor than the previous songs, I listened to this one several times, and two bands fit nicely into the description of the sound of the song:  ".38 Special' and 'The Cars".  Yes I said .38 Special, just at the beginning of the song, but this song is phenomenal.  I think this will go into my Favorites as well.

"The Hunting Accident" is a band we should hear more of, contemporary music needs bands like this.  You know what, contemporary music fans couldn't handle this band so college radio play the tar out of them!

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