Monday, March 5, 2012

Royal Bliss - National Cattle Congress

The name "Royal Bliss" has some interesting connotations and potential descriptions that could be misconstrued if one doesn't understand what is attached to it.  Certainly one could make the "dreaded" assumption that the name is some type of tribute to the nuptials of whatever the names of the latest Prince meets non-Royal are but alas me thinks it not to be true (so I tried "olde English, sue me).  What could such a name mean and why is it inside a music blog?  Well...

Royal Bliss is the name of a band I saw on March 3rd, 2012 (along with three other bands) and I'm really glad I did.  Most of the music I have reviewed has been from bands I learned about through word of mouth or any number of social media networks.  This time was different, I heard the band for the first time when they took the stage that chilly night.

I really looked forward to seeing because I knew nothing about them, at all.  I knew the names of all of the bands that evening and of the three bands I knew only of one (Cornfed Bruiser).  I could have taken the time to "discover" them (in my own little world) by looking them up on YouTube or ReverbNation but I chose not to and really the only reason I didn't was I wanted to search the band the best way possible... Live.  What was so fun about that was I had no idea what to expect and live would be the truest way to see what the bands personality both collectively and individually.  I think of all of the ways I have now found such bands, this could be one of the coolest paths.

As the band took the stage and began to play I immediately realized that I was really far behind everyone else at the show.  I had no idea that the band was this popular (sorry everyone) but a couple of things immediately bubbled to the surface.  The first thing I saw was how into the fans the band is and how into the band the fans are.  Okay I know that sounds hokey but its true.  Royal Bliss had this garage / bar band type of vibe while at the same time they showed a professionalism I think many bands really couldn't.

How can I say that?  How can I claim that they showed professionalism when this was the first time I had ever seen or heard the band?  Two words:  audio trouble.  Soon after the band began to play, audio troubles began to hammer the band.  As the entire right side of the PA seemed to blowup and sound guys ran about as if they were on fire while they tried to fix it, the band stayed cool and collected.  While the chaos erupted around them, the lead singer began to light up the stage by singing and then the gentle sounds of acoustic guitar made its way in, followed by the drums it was apparent how professional these guys were.

Most rock fans know of at least one band that when faced with something that large yet small (no I haven't been drinking) they panicked or imploded.  I loved every minute of their "unplugged" session and their version of the Tom Petty classic "You Don't Know How It Feels", it was pure rock and roll in its best possible form. 

Seeing Royal Bliss was indeed "bliss".  This is not just another band, this is a band that likes doing their craft.  I suppose that's really all we can want for those trying to entertain us but the list that actually can do so is pretty short.  Royal Bliss is a great band, and they are even better live.  They've gained a fan and I've gained another favorite or two for my "Favorites" list!

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