Wednesday, March 14, 2012


As I sat reading a message I received on Facebook a great friend mentioned that there was a band I should look up from Minneapolis, its name... RapeDoor.  The name has connotations that could be quite the catalyst in the smoldering craws of those that are easily offended.  The good news is, I am not easily offended.  What did I learn as I listened, keep reading.

Let me preface all of my comments and thoughts with this random quip about myself (yes I am self deprecating), I love music and of its roots and origins it doesn't matter what the genre is it just has to be good.  Its always a possibility that one can be a "music snob" or just a closed minded fool when presented with music that seems different to the masses.  With that said many a band is judged by name and not quality of work so with such  incendiary name, I tend to gravitate to them at times because I know there is a gem or two in this world.  With that in mind when my friend told me about this band called "RapeDoor" well I was on that quicker than a fat guy after a melting Hershey bar.

When I went to their Reverbnation page I was anxious to tear into their music and have a little fun in the process.  I drifted through the music and I was blown away by the quality of music that the band has created.  As their music began to play I felt what I can only describe as a great affinity for punk rock and what can only be described as "humor metal".  I can almost hear you asking "What does this have to do with RapeDoor", well quite a bit actually (stick with me would you please).

As I sat listening to their music more specifically "Drunk Nikki" and "Satan Is My Master" flashes of "M.O.D." (Method Of Destruction), Green Jelly (Green Jello before they were threatened with legal action), and "Ugly Kid Joe" began to bubble to the surface.  When you mix in one of my all-time favorite punk bands "The Dickies" you have what I could only describe as a witches brew that casts a spell upon you that makes you want more.

Although I made comparisons between the aforementioned bands and two of their songs I can assure you that this not some knock-off band that has to feed off of others "successes".  This is definitely a band that can play some amazing music.  The music of RapeDoor is fun, its well written and most importantly to their fans it pretty freaking amazing.  This band is not an enigma nor are they a one-hit wonder (I'm guessing you won't hear RapeDoor on the "Weekly Top 40" and thank God for that).  This band doesn't need mainstream approval and I would place money on the fact that they enjoy what they are doing.

Minneapolis, MN is the home base of RapeDoor and despite the fact the Minnesota Vikings are from the Minneapolis Metro area (I'm a Bears fan, stick with me) and the one thing I can take from all of this is that the music scene in Minneapolis must be amazing.  I can honestly tell you that this is a band I want to follow, they have a quality that Iggy Pop, Wendy O. Williams and a young David Bowie used to not only project themselves onto the masses but a quality that blew them into the upper stratosphere.  Show me a band that doesn't want to perfect their craft first and play for themselves and I'll show you Justin Bieber (I apologize for instilling the Bieber nightmare).

RapeDoor is phenomenal.  I want to hear more and I'm fairly confident I would do almost anything to see this band live.  So Robert I thank you for the suggestion and now I want to suggest something to you...  Listen to this band, you will NOT be disappointed.

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  1. Great write up. Phenomenal band. I saw them recently myself in the Twin Cities. They blew me out of the water. I don't want to be seen as a spammer on your blog so I won't post the link but I too was so moved by the performance I wrote a piece on the Beat Junkies blog. The Beat Junkies are Hip Hop oriented, so it was not what I would normally drop on their blog section, but it was such a good show I knew that it had to be about Rapedoor.

    BTW: I hate the Vikings too so we also have that in common. But I'm a Packers fan so not really.