Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cornfed Bruiser - National Cattle Congress

The National Cattle Congress doesn't sound like a place where one might think good music would ever come from, not to mention a place where one probably wouldn't go to hear good music.  Had I not known of the caliber of band that Cornfed Bruiser was I probably would have never given the location a chance.  Despite that I had only heard Cornfed Bruiser through studio recordings so how would the band be live?

I've been listening to Cornfed Bruiser for some time now and I had yet to find out anything I dislike about them.  Sure they have great recorded music.  Sure they have lyrics that I can't get out of my head.  Sure the band will become even better than they are right now but...  My problem with Cornfed Bruiser is the fact that they got off of the stage that chilly evening in March (you thought I was going to say something bad now didn't you).

This is not a time to mince words so I'll say this straight up, the band is even better live than the studio recordings I have been listening to.  This is definitely a band that has more energy than that stupid "battery bunny" on some wild trip.  As I stood watching the band I realized that the bass player must not have any back problems because if he did there would be no way that he could whip his head any harder as he played.  His energy level was extraordinary and he was really fun to watch.

The crowd made it difficult for me to get to a position near the stage where I could see the drummer and the guitarist and despite that fact I could feel their energy.  Their playing was identical to the the energy of the bassist.  I realized as I listened that this is truly a band that is nothing but incredible musicians and it showed through in their performance.

When I talked with lead singer Robert Powers following the show, he mentioned to me that there were some problems during their set to which made me think how scary good they could be then because I felt their performance was flawless.  The energy that Powers puts into his vocals made my throat hurt.  The growly, gravely tone in his voice works within their music to such an extent that I couldn't imagine a better grouping.  Clearly this is a group that wants to entertain while retaining a passion for their craft and Powers seems to epitomize that point.

The evening that I saw Cornfed Brusier on a playbill that included Royal Bliss, Bobaflex and Cur and while they were featured as a special guest CFB was just that, special.  In the preceding posts about Royal Bliss and Bobaflex I made note of some issues with the audio and during CFB's performance those issues began.  On a couple of brief occasions there was a blip within the audio but in all honesty it was negligible during their set.  Despite those little anomalies CFB was flawless and their fans showed it.  I watched this little boy, sitting on his mothers shoulders jamming his fist up in the air so hard that it actually seemed that the young man started to get tired, having to hold that arm up with his other.  He seemed to be having every bit as much fun as his parents and all of the other CFB fans, and that is a testament to the performers that CFB is.

Following the show it became blatantly obvious how much the fans of the band really care about the band and how much the band cares about them.  While I stood next to the CFB booth person after person flowed to the table, meeting with and talking to the band and despite the fact that the band had played their rear-ends off, at no time did the band do anything that could be misinterpreted as "nice to meet you, now leave".  On several occasions I watched as band members would seek out other members so the fans could meet them, snap some pics and get autographs of all of them.  That my friends is rare, and oh so commendable.

When I began to listen to CFB I was immediately impressed with how clean their music sounded and how much I think that they could be one of the new up and coming bands for whom fame is on the horizon.  Seeing this band live I now know for a fact that this band should no must, be a band that gets radio play.  By getting that important air time CFB will only grow stronger as will their fan base.  It goes without question that I think this highly of the band but its only because of their extreme professionalism, devotion to their body of work, devotion to their fans and most importantly their passion.  Rare it is that any band of this caliber should not become a success, and just as rare is the passion of their fans to not drive such a band straight to the top.

Cornfed Bruiser is a band that MUST be heard by you (if you haven't already) and lest we forget Cornfed Bruiser is a band that you MUST see live.  Everything I have seen and heard makes me think that this is a band that knows what they have to do to make it in the industry.  Make this band one of your musical choices not just because I have said they're great but rather because you want to find great music.  As Powers always says, "Keep that bitch floored", Robert and the boys will that I can assure you, and it will be straight to the top.

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