Friday, July 27, 2012

Jackyl - Halfway Jam 2012

Comparisons between a jackal and a dog are relatively simple as far as comparisons go.  Jackals are in the same genus (canine), they have fur, they are carnivorous, and they mark territory using urine.  Its an interesting comparison actually but there are so many other differences that forgo any further comparisons.  As an example, a jackal will not make a good pet, jackals might on occasion actually eat their owner, dogs really don't understand rock music.  Huh?

I did say rock music, and I did mean it but allow me to expand on dogs understanding rock music.  While it is true that dogs don't really understand it, I know for a fact that "Jackyl" does understand rock music exceptionally well.  Okay you caught me, I did change the spelling of "jackal" to "Jackyl" but only because I really don't know what any member of the canis genus knows that rock music exists let alone appreciate it.  I am fairly confident in saying "Jackyl" the band knows it, appreciates it, and probably can do more with "rock" than a jackal can do with a stone.

As a portion of my year that was music (2011) I was able to see the band "Jackyl" for the first time July 2nd, 2011 in Hazel Green, Wisconsin (at the Sandy Hook).  It was really an eye opening show and it made me a serious fan of the band.  In all honesty that show was one of the first where I was flat out confident in what I was writing about in relation to these shows.  In that show I saw a band that was kick you in the ass powerful and yet they seemed like a band that cared about everyone and they were determined to make sure no one left saying they weren't entertained.

I walked away that night thinking that despite not knowing them personally, I could connect because they let us know they were there for US (the fans, not the country).  That's a pretty neat thinking that way and its kind of a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  How many thousands of fans does this band see throughout the year at their shows and even just on the street but they want to you to know that they care about the fan (the singular as well as the plural).

When we discovered that Jackyl was going to perform at Halfway Jam in Royalton, MN on July 26th, 2012 it made the anticipation of the show that much better.  Halfway Jam has a persona unlike many other festival venues and when I wrote about it (following our visit, THANKS Joaquin) I was impressed by the entire venue and the quality of acts that were performing that night.  That trip really opened my eyes to an entire world of concerts that was possible to attend.  Traveling back to the present, Jackyl was the headliner for a really good night of acts (more on them individually soon).  As the evening progressed the buzz that was interwoven into the crowd became more and more intense so by the time Jackyl took to the stage that buzz was as loud as the start of the Indianapolis 500 (the cars sound like a hive of very, very angry bees).

As I strategically placed myself in a place where I couldn't be bumped into (I have a condition called CRPS and contact with the afflicted appendage is bad) I became quite aware how frenzied the crowd was becoming.  Much like throwing gasoline on a raging fire the crowd exploded when Jackyl took to the stage.  Side note:  I really enjoy hearing the opening music that the band chooses to come out to and Jackyl's is great.  As the boys in the band began to perform I was really impressed by how loud they were but there was something much more impressive and that would be the energy of the band.  How can a band have that much energy every night, its just mind blowing.

As the first song began to resonate ("My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass") through my ears it was obvious how great this night was going to be.  I think that the aforementioned song is one of my favorites by the band (it has 5 out of 5 stars on my Winamp) but as I learned after the Hazel Green show, they pretty much all are.  What the non fan needs to know is that the music the band puts out is contagious and it just plain sticks in the grey matter so it is impossible to not like it (and thank heavens for that). 

Over my 43 years I have seen an innumerate number of bands but I will happily tell you hands down this band, and this lead singer (Jesse James Dupree) are the single most energetic band I have seen.  Expanding on the innumerate number of bands I have seen, I have always wondered if people in a band notice anything other than pretty women (or large female specific body parts) but one song in, the lead guitarist Jeff Worley noticed my shirt (which said "CORNFED" aka Cornfed Bruiser) and gave me the thumbs up (more on that it just a few lines).  Another noteworthy point would be the fact that Dupree mentioned that the night before the show I attended he fell and broke his left hand / wrist but there was no way that they were going to cancel this show because of the injury. 

In a world where professional baseball players go on injured reserve for a pulled eyelash, here is the lead singer of a rock band with a broken left wrist and he still performed.  Okay, okay I can hear you questioning what was so hard about doing that he's the singer.  You would be correct he is the singer and he probably doesn't sing with his hand but did I mention that for probably 75% of the gig he played guitar?  Nope I didn't mention that but considering Dupree was in the ER last night with said fracture that's pretty damned tough.  As any Jackyl fan knows Dupree uses a chainsaw during their act so tonight when he was going to use it in the act was obvious that it was getting to him a little.  Despite that one episode (of probably 45 seconds), he was flawless.

Inside their body of work tonight, Dupree made a point of mentioning that the band will be releasing a new album early next week and they played some of the material from it just as a tease to pique the fans interest.  I can't wait to get a copy of that album, it will blow your mind!

With the show behind them (one that wore me out just watching them), Dupree told the crowd to wander over to their merchandise booth for a little "meet and great" and I'm pretty sure half of the crowd waited in line just to see Dupree and the rest of the band.  Photos were taken, autographs given (and the occasional handshake) and people were walking out smiling because of the opportunity.  As I started through the line, Dupree shook my hand (as well as taking a picture with my wife) so when I approached the guitar player (Jeff Worley) he made a point to say hello to me and mention my CORNFED shirt as well as the place we were standing.  Earlier I said "I have always wondered if people in a band notice anything other than pretty women (or large female specific body parts)" and as we were near the back of the line to do the meet and greet I was really impressed (and incredibly appreciative) of that recognition.

Ladies and gentlemen I will happily tell you that Jackyl is one of the best shows I have EVER seen.  I will also happily tell you that this band is more than worthy of your seeing them live.  With Dupree's energy, love of the fans, his amazing storytelling and the skill of ever member of the band, there isn't a reason to miss them perform live.  I know what you're thinking, "I'm not a rock fan" or "If it isn't Justin Bieber I won't like it" (if you say that please feel free to bludgeon yourself now, before someone else does it for you), well allow me to tell you that indeed you will enjoy every solitary minute.  Jesse and the boys, never change and make the next twenty years even better.

Great job once again!!!

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