Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jackyl Kills Hazel Green

Believe me I understand how much that sounds like a bad B movie almost like a giant Jackyl killing a woman named "Hazel Green", but I assure you its not.  The title however is indicative of what happened when the band Jackyl visited The Sandy Hook in Hazel Green, Wisconsin.

In an attempt to use even more bad cliches or veiled attempts at humor, I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt, Jackyl lived up to their reputation of being a hard edged, no nonsense hard rock band that will do everything in their power to give their fans an amazing show.  For a band known for their use of chainsaws in their music and their down to earth country roots, Jackyl proved their hard rock chops.

I confess that I was never a huge Jackyl fan, instead I would turn up a song if I heard it on the radio but I never owned any of their recordings and I think that was probably a great thing.  With as little exposure of their music that I had, each song became that much more interesting, it was a bit of a new discovery for me and as a "bonus", they played some of the songs I knew.  As a more raw listener, I was able to see and hear other songs that I never knew of but makes me want to hear more.

I'm sure we have all gone to a concert and the band we are seeing doesn't do the music we love any justice.  The audio levels might be off, the vocals not as sharp (due to so many factors), the energy level of the band and then of the fans is less than expected and so many other factors that can lessen the band we are there to see, and quite simply this wasn't the case.  During their set I mentioned to a friend of mine that the vocals and the music sounded spot on to the music I had heard, frankly it was amazing and refreshing.

With Southern Rock flowing through their veins, Jackyl was like that local band you know and love.  Engaging, strong performers that could be at home in any setting as long as their were fans there, and I would add that if they were playing even to an audience of Trappist Monks, by the end of the first song the Monks would be fans.

The location of the concert, The Sandy Hook was as surprising as the entertainment that they were providing.  I have been to The Sandy Hook before, its a great bar and often have local music and it feels like the kind of establishment that will have generations of families that continue to be patrons.  What was interesting about the location was what also made it so confusing when I heard that Jackyl was going to play there; inside the bar seemed just too small for Jackyl and I wondered how the show could be pulled off.

Interestingly, I never thought about outside the bar and the huge lot that was transformed into the kind of place you would want to go to a concert or even a music festival.  The Sandy Hook provided security, porta-potties, food, water, alcohol (of various potions, in cans and bottles, etc.) and they ID'd everyone (even little old 42 year old me which I have grown to love).  The concert was safe, I didn't see any fights or anything that would make you feel uneasy, and the staff was superb.

The planning of the event, as previously mentioned, was great but I think the addition of two opening acts and after the concert another band playing on a smaller stage was the perfect way to start and end the night.  Add The Sandy Hook to one of my favorite local establishments that have live music.

My friends add Jackyl to your bucket list, go see this band they ARE worth it, and for those of us around Hazel Green, WI visit The Sandy Hook, take in the local bands and BEG and plead that they continue to bring acts like Jackyl.

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  1. It was a great show, to be sure. But I noticed at least four fights during the first 40 minutes of music -- fortunately, deputies and private security ushered the offenders off before they would be too distracting.