Friday, July 29, 2011

Halfway Jam - Kix

Have you ever listened to a band that you think has had only one good song, and although you never listened to well, anything but that one song of theirs, you still assume there isn't much else there.  Recently I attended "Halfway Jam" (I'm guessing you have already discovered that) and that one band, with only one good song climbed onto the stage.

I'll be honest, I'm as guilty of thinking Kix was that band, the one with one good song and when they approached the stage, I thought that would be all I would see them perform that I knew even a little bit.  Despite being told by Stephen Pearcy face to face that I should "watch those guys, they're great", I thought it was just professional courtesy.  Guess who was right about the band...  Stephen Pearcy.

I think music from the '80's has had a bad reputation, its always assumed that either everything was bubblegum, or every band that had long hair sounded the same and that simply isn't the case.  Yes Kix did a ballad, yes they had long hair and yes they had only one good song.  Not so fast, as I watched them in concert, it became obvious to me that they indeed had more than "one good song" and that these guys were bad ass performers.

The number of hits does not equate into great performers nor does it mean that the band doesn't have more than one good song, what it means is we were wrong.  Diehard Kix fans know their body of work and they know that given a chance others will agree with them.  What I soon found out that their "only good song" "Don't Close Your Eyes" came from the same band that created "Midnight Dynamite", "Cold Blood", and "Blow My Fuse" and oddly enough songs I liked during that whole era of the '80's.

During the show I found some other songs that I really liked, including "Cold Shower", "Yeah Yeah Yeah", and "Girl Money", so much so that I am actively looking for their CD's to add to my collection (obviously donations are accepted).  Their music seemed fresh and their energy on stage is flat out diabolical.

I mentioned in my blog entry about Stephen Pearcy and the energy he brought to the stage, and I have to say that watching Steve Whiteman perform made me tired.  He spins, twirls, dances, jumps, and never seems to miss a beat and that's just wrong.  To hell with the Energizer Bunny, this guy never seems to wind down.  Everything these guys did on stage was amazing, the music was spot on and do they ever know how to run a show.

Here's the verdict, find Kix, go to their show and be ready to learn that they have much, MUCH more than just "one good song".

Up next:  Skid Row

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