Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toy Boxx - The Ozone

Anyone that has children (yes husbands count) knows how difficult it is to get them to put their stuff put away when they are done with it.  From balls to games to those freaking nasty, sharp little pieces of screaming in agony when you step on the in the middle of the night Lego's, knows how important it is to put everything away when they are done playing.  It is really interesting when you realize how many different types of containers that this stuff will fit in but rest assuredly that a toy box is the best of them all.  As I put the final destination of out Saturday night in Omaha away it was almost fitting that the destination would be seeing "Toy Boxx".

As we wandered about the City of Omaha following a friend to and fro we decided to end our evening with a trip to "The Ozone" to see the band "Toy Boxx".  The Ozone was interesting enough but I wasn't really interested in the locale, I was interested in seeing this band that came so highly recommended.  The whirlwind adventure was coming to an end but the option of hearing great music from this six piece band of mirth givers became a great way to end the evening.

As we entered, the band was already performing but what became immediately apparent was that the band was fronted by two lead vocalists.  Each vocalist was amazing, and the fact that they were performing at the same time without error was indicative of practice, practice, practice oh and this thing called skill too. The paring of these two is a thing of beauty and the energy they exude is phenomenal.  To use that much energy shows a blatant attempt to entertain the throngs of fans.

I think that the presence of these two in the band is what really makes the band that good.  Both singers were upbeat and enthusiastic during their performance and at the same time they didn't miss a beat as they changed songs and vocal styles completely unlike the previous song.  Think about this for a second, to go from Lady Gaga to Journey to Def Leppard and then to Theory of a Deadman is far from easy.

Unbelievable would be the word I would use to describe the young man playing guitar.  If I heard right (it was a long night) I believe I heard that this young man was the son of one of the singers and with that alone it is quite simple to understand why.  I sat there in my favorite slack-jawed wonder watching this young man beat the living tar out of that guitar.  He was a blast to watch and even more fun to listen to.

Its hard to not like this band but I have to, not because they are a bad band or that they lack in any musical sense but for a selfish reason.  That reason is simple really, it being the fact that I can't get out to the Omaha area more often (do I fibbed a bit, I LOVE this band).  Toy Boxx is the real deal, they have a pedigree of quality, no great musicians and excellent singers.  Honestly distance is the only reason I have to not see Toy Boxx again BUT if you are in the Council Bluffs / Omaha area you have to see them.


  1. Thank you sooo much James!! We are really glad you enjoyed our show. We just do what we do and try to have a good time doing it and hopefully help people forget about things for awhile.
    The guitar player's name is Matt Dibaise and yes, is the son of Shannon who sings in the band. He is filling in for us for right now beause our actual guitar player, Jimmy Little, suffered a heart attack around a month ago. He is doing fine and will be back with us in June. Matt actually plays in a band called COLD STEEL here in Omaha. You NEED to check them out sometime too.
    Here's the band TOY BOXX:
    Shannon Jones: Lead Vocals
    Christy Heller: Lead Vocals
    Jimmy Little: Lead Guitar, Vocals
    Jeff Conrad: Rythm Guitar, keys, Vocals
    Jason McClain: Drums, Vocals
    Mike Fitzpatric: Bass
    Thanks again James for coming out to play with us and for ALL the kind words!!!! You Rock!!!
    See Ya Soon ;-)

  2. Hi James. This is Shannon from Toy Boxx. Thank you so much for you're kind words. we have so much fun on stage together. I'm lucky to work with such talented musicians.
    Yes that is my son Matt. He was so wonderful to help us out while our Jimmy recovers. He has a twin Alex who is equally talented and is also in Coldsteel.
    Hopefully you can get back to Omaha soon and if you do make sure you say hi! :)