Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Day Meat Sale - Horseshoe Casino

As I typed the above title "Three Day Meat Sale - Horseshoe Casino" I began to think what those of you that are reading this (that would be you and the thousands that you forward to this site) might think.  The title implies that the Horseshoe Casino is selling what could be construed as large quantities of meat products but when you realize that said "meat sale" was appearing in the same venue as "Slaughter" well you can connect the dots.  Why would I talk about some type of disturbing butchering and sale of meat, and more importantly, why would I talk about it here?

As I entered the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, IA I expected to enter a new venue with a band that I have previously written about (Slaughter) so I was slightly taken aback when I discovered there was an opening band.  An opening act can be a pretty interesting prospect actually as it isn't always a slam-dunk.  Certainly we have all gone to a concert and the opening act sucked so badly that not even light could escape its suck factor.  When I found out the name of the band, a couple of things passed through my remaining brain cells.

When one thinks of a band named "Three Day Meat Sale", it wouldn't be too far to assume that the band was either some type of thrash band or some politically based alternative band.  With that thought in mind it wasn't a difficult stretch to think that either their music would be some politically charged, conspiracy based rhetoric that would make Jello Biafra or Henry Rollins smile or it would be a kitschy name for a cover band.  But because of the name there was also the idea that this could be a cool band, with cool music and a band that gets it, so I was excited to hear them first hand to see what I'd get.

What I quickly learned was that this is a band that has its own persona and its own music and at no time is that a bad thing.  As the band began to mill about before the show I got a different kind of vibe than one might actually expect.  Watching the action on stage before they began to play I quickly realized that each of these four guys looked like people wandering about in the crowd.  At no time did it seem that these guys were stereotypical musicians.  They seemed clean cut and they seemed as if they knew that the key to music is not in clothing or long hair, rather it would be their music that would define them.

Three Day Meat Sale is a band that made me take notice immediately.  Each member did their role in grand fashion while invoking a slack-jawed overweight guy (me) to be amazed with each song they played.  TDMS is a rock band of extraordinary musicians and they have a lead singer with a vocal style and sound of one of my all-time favorite bands. 

As the vocals began to rear its head I immediately thought that they were very similar to the band "Descendents".  It was obvious that the similarities weren't some veiled attempt to be a "tribute" of some sort (I don't even know if they like the Descendents).  The lead singer Michael Gagliani, is masterful and his vocals reflect said mastery.

In the realm that is hard rock or metal music, the importance of a great lead guitar is immeasurable.  However it is all too often that this important cog is obviously in the game to show off their own skills and at times this can be the downfall of any band.  Chad Beisheim is that cog but despite his mad skills on guitar it appears that ego doesn't seem to exist.

With John Murren II on bass, TDMS takes their music to a very important level.  The ability for a bands music to overtake all human control and make their subconscious begin to make involuntary movements is a thing of beauty.  As the people listening to the music begin to bob their heads up and down, tap their foot and whatever other tics that may occur are directly proportionate to the bass.  Murren helps guide everyone listening to their music to that involuntary state, and it becomes blatantly obvious that his abilities on bass become the catalyst to do so.

While the journey through the music of TDMS showcases the musical abilities of the previous three so well, I would be remiss (and completely irresponsible for that matter) if I didn't talk about the other side of their music, the "dark side".  Okay so I'm kidding about the "dark side" but when I talk about this band the drummer cannot be forgotten.  With drummer Mike Cudley, the band gets an amazing drummer as well as a persona on stage that only a drummer can obtain.  Cudley looks like he is having a blast up there and he doesn't seem to deviate from that either before or after a performance.  Drummers are often forgotten about in a band (unless they've done something bad), but not Cudley.  Its just not a band without a great drummer and he fits that bill perfectly.

On April 29th, 2012 I was preparing myself for an evening of music with the band "Slaughter" so I knew what to expect, or so I thought I did.  What I discovered was that in Omaha, NE there lies a band called "Three Day Meat Sale", and within that band lies four personalities that can make some incredible music.  I cannot stress enough how important a local music scene is but I can tell you how important that it is that you discover the music scene in your part of the world.  Bands like "Three Day Meat Sale" are out there and you have to find them.  I couldn't be happier that when I went to that Slaughter concert, I discovered a gem within the local music scene of Council Bluffs, IA and Omaha, NE.

Generally speaking the idea of having anything to do with a three day meat sale isn't what one expects to be associated with great music.  Usually it makes you think of what you can do with 20 pounds of hamburger but never with good music.  Do yourself a great service and discover them for yourself.  Take in a gig, or buy their music you will not be disappointed.


  1. Great write up!!! Love the band.

  2. I have been a fan of 3DMS for a few years now. This band never disappoints. They give it their all, all the time. Some bands, when presented with a small venue with little or no turnout will turn their show into a "jam/practice session". Not these guys. I do highly recommend catching them at any venue they play in.