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While it is true that I think music today has been scarred by the likes of people with fashionable haircuts and those wearing meat products as clothing, there is something else in today's music that is redeemable.  The impact of the current "stars" of music pale in comparison to those undiscovered bands that are waiting in the wings to be discovered.  Every town, city or municipality has a band that one would swear should be just as popular as the current "stars" of the genre of pop music.  Given the fact that many rarely achieve such success, it shouldn't be surprising when a diamond is found in the gravel pounded down by the force of this industry.  Recently I found a band that is that diamond and SHOULD BE just as popular (if not more) as today's pop "stars".

As I fumble my way through the world, I found a band in and amongst the multitude of bands that dwell in cyberspace (more specifically Twitter and YouTube).  For every band that floats in that virtual world I am giddy with excitement to find one that does more than just float, they drop anchor.  Loveblast is one of the bands that has dropped that anchor, and as the band is from the Chicagoland area that anchor is firmly placed in the depths of Lake Michigan.  That was hokey I know but I really can't explain the depth of this band (no more anchor references I promise).

Chicagoland I hope you understand how polished this band is, and how good they really are.  Impressed, that's a really good word to describe what I heard while listening to this band.  To expand on that description one must look at their body of work and really dig in (see not an anchor reference) and just listen.  As I wandered through their music on their Facebook page I noticed a band that wants to bring back that flavor of music from the '80's that all too often can be nothing but a poor rendition of that era, but this band is the exception.

The first piece of music I heard was the song "Harder & Faster (On the Edge of Disaster)", and I'm glad I did.  What I found in this song was a very catchy song that reminds me of that '80's metal feel.  I wouldn't define the band as a "hair Metal" band, they seem to be like what Motley Crue was during that era.  This is a band that has a definite edge in their music that many wouldn't expect, just like Crue.  This is a great song!

Anyone that remembers that era of music knows that "grunge" made its presence known and despite the feeling "grunge" killed off '80's metal, the song "Headspin" feels like both eras combined.  This tune has a really neat feel to it, and it reminds me of peeling an onion.  Imagine each layer is a different musical influence and whilst the layers all become one onion, each layer is distinct.  This song has influences of KISS (at the beginning it reminds me of "Strutter"), Alice In Chains (vocals), Iron Maiden and dare I say The Killers.  What an awesome song!

"Got a Feelin'" takes me back to a decade where the band "The Cars" ruled.  Seriously, this song has something about it that really feels like The Cars but I can't put my finger on why.  What's odd is that the song also reminds me of "Fallen Angel" by Poison mixed in with The Cars (what a combination).  This song does seem like it would have fit very well in the era of the '80's.  It is just a good, enjoyable song!

As I approached "Far Too Long", I expected a ballad but then I started to listen and that was quickly proved false.  What I got instead was a song reminiscent of Blink 182 but with the melodic guitar influences of Poison.  This song is radio worthy, it simply is.  What an enjoyable song, this song could be a crossover between a couple different modern genres.  I love it!

Unlike the previous song when I saw the title "Lonely Winter" I assumed it might remind me of the Cinderella song "Long Cold Winter".  My brain told me to expect a bluesy-type rendition but instead I got a really nice ballad.  The song doesn't have much in the way of the blues thing but what it has is extraordinary.  I've been digging through the remaining brain matter I have to try to determine what band (or more specifically song) this song reminds me of and I can't think of a single band, oh wait a minute I know they sound like themselves.  Great song!

When the song "Things That Bite" began to play I was transported back to my high school days and I almost thought I was late for school (that happened often).  I swear I thought I would have to re-graduate because this song so reminds me of bands like Motley Crue, Poison, Aerosmith, Faster Pussycat  and Night Ranger.  The ability of this song to transport me back is a testament to the quality of this effort, so much in fact that bands are flashing through my head just as fast as all of the assignments I failed to turn in whilst in good old GHS.

The time machine continues to roll forward (like a barrel on Niagara Falls) and the song "Give It All" provided the brakes because I swear I stopped in that "grunge" era.  I honestly have no idea if this band really likes Alice In Chains but the vocals of this song are AIC worthy!  Actually the feel of the song is reminiscent of "Rooster" or "Down In A Hole" for that matter but this song could (and should) be their keystone song.

While the previous song had a slower AIC type tempo, this song is the complete opposite.  Which song you may ask, well "Out For Blood" of course.  I love the speed of this song (not "Slayer" fast) but the overall feel is like the "Scorpions" meets "Europe" (ironic that Germany the home of the Scorpions is in Europe).  The song is fast and melodic and very well written.

Shoot You With My Love... What part of that title doesn't sound like something Gene Simmons would have written?  This song has a quality to it that really acts and feels like this could be their mantra.  I really like this song.  If they keep writing songs like this, hair metal may come back in full force.

Its interesting to me when bands try to find their "bluesy" side because the potential of the song being nothing more than a farce is humongous.  Many bands have tried to make this leap, but the song "Goodbye My Darling" does it right.  The song is a wonderful mixture of metal and the blues and it really shows the musical ability of the band.  I need to buy a copy of this one I absolutely love it!

The song "Hungry" is an interesting one I must say.  The reasoning behind that is simple really, its the guitar.  Seriously, the guitar within this song could easily be compared to that of one Nuno Bettencourt.  This song would feel very comfortable back in the "hair days" but I think it could fit in modern genres as well.  The vocals are great and the guitar is devastatingly great.  Of all of the music associated with this band  I think that this song by itself proves how good they really are.

Loveblast is quite interesting and a conundrum as well for me.  The band has perfected its form of music and the influences of so many great performers before them are visible in their work albeit not overshadowing the amazing skills of this band.  Understanding their influences is great but those influences have the privilege of  being associated with this band.  Loveblast is a great name for a band and more importantly its a band that we all should hear.  Loveblast has dropped anchor (so I lied about anchor references, big deal) in the Chicagoland area but I sincerely hope they can pull up anchor (yeah, yeah) and set sail to the broader stage that is awaiting them.

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