Monday, February 6, 2012

Cornfed Bruiser - Sneak Peek

The magic world in which we live has forever changed with Al Gore's "baby", the internet (that still makes me laugh).  Previously I had written about a band that I found in the world of Twitter, Cornfed Bruiser and with that connection I was blown away by the music that I was hearing.  With that connection I was given a great honor by the vocal machine of Cornfed Bruiser, Robert Powers as he gave me a sneak peek with a couple new songs.  Are these songs just as good as the stuff I reviewed before?  Well...

Sweet Mother of Pearl, the two tracks I listened to are phenomenal!  The first song I listened to was called "Bender Master", a raucous recording would be putting it mildly.  This song has all of the makings of their previous recordings but this one is different, in a good way.  This song is reminiscent of the Motley Crue classic "Kickstart My Heart" but is much edgier.

What I like about this band is the simple fact that they stay true to their music.  Every piece of music they put out has the same harsh, driving sound but the lyrics transform the song into another level and "Bender Master" does just that.  The power of this song is immeasurable as it deals with an obvious drug abuser and what makes the song that powerful is an interlude (sorry I couldn't think of anything better to explain it).  With a radio report of an ambulance to Mercy Hospital about a patient that has OD'd, the meaning of the song kicks you in the throat.  Being a former EMT I loved that part, and having done similar radio reports to a hospital named "Mercy" it really brought it all home.  This song is freaking tough and just great!

"Over" is the next in the foray of my musical listening pleasure, and as I described their music earlier this song has an edge to it.  This song has that old "Alice In Chains" feel to it, with the "dirty" bass driving that song and the gravelly vocals this tune is flat out great.  This song does go where their previous recordings went, it could be the instruction manual of what a metal song should sound like.  Anytime a song can use the line like this, "we ain't got nothing to talk about, but I got alot to say" and you actually know that the believe it is when you know that they are true to themselves and their genre.

I've said it over and over again, Cornfed Bruiser is a band that you need to listen to.  If you get the opportunity to see them live, I suggest you do so.  When a band has this much energy the shows can only be great!  Tell them I sent ya.

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