Tuesday, November 1, 2011


While digging through my Twitter account recently I came across a band that I knew absolutely nothing about (shocker isn't it).  The band in question is named "Tridon" and after I listened to their music, I came away with a strange tic that I couldn't really explain.

Without the ability to see the band live (Tempe, AZ is home to the band), I had to resort to the common practice of searching Facebook and YouTube for any type of recording.  Sure I could spend a few days traveling across the great expanses of the Western United States (I DO NOT fly) and stalk the band, uhm I meant find the band so I could hear their music but that gets troublesome and a bit pricy too.

Cost considerations aside, I discovered six songs by the band on the aforementioned Facebook and YouTube and I began to dissect the songs with the precision of a blind surgeon with shaky hands.  I started my journey with the song "Torn" and I was immediately struck by the commercial quality of the music, it sounded so crisp and refined.  The influences of Zakk Wylde began to percolate through the speakers as the song progressed and I have caught myself humming the song ever since. 

The song "Crash and Burn" although as crisp and clean as "Torn" had that dirty little classic metal sound that any metal performer would try to achieve.  The vocals are superb, and then as I listened to the song I got a whiff of Ace Frehley (and we all know how hard that is to get rid of) although I'm not really sure that it was intended.  Frehley is a legend, and through guilt by association I would dare say that the guitar within this song is every bit as good.

I'm sure we have all bought a record (or cassette or CD for those of you that don't know what a record is) of a band we knew little about and one song makes you sit with that furrowed brow of enjoyment, and whether or not it is a released single really doesn't make any difference to the personal enjoyment of the album.  When I initially heard "A Long Way Home", I was blown away!  There was something about that ballad like beginning and the sensory overload when the song becomes this powerful blast.  With vocals that reminded me of Daughtry (without that annoying quiver quality) and the symbiotic relationship between the vocals and the music was masterful.

Metal has this cloud that hangs over it that metal bands can only play really hard, fast and without much talent, the song "Don't Let Go" proves that completely wrong.  With a funky quality reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers intermixed with the style of Stone Temple Pilots this song proves that it should be on the radio.  I love this song, it really does seem to have it all going for it.

With the song "The Price You Pay" you get that classic metal edge with superior guitar and bass.  Vocally on point and showcasing more of that Zakk Wylde inspiration makes this song just plain great.  The song is catchy and could be considered a very good earworm because it has that remember me quality.

In the ten years since September 11th, we as a Nation have been exceptionally cognizant of our military and their families and the sacrifices of each and every one of them.  Tributes have included yellow ribbons (thanks Tony Orlando), actors and actresses going to the theater of operations, professional sports displays and through music.  Using Zakk Wylde as an example, he did a version of "America the Beautiful" that is in my opinion the greatest version of the song I have ever heard, and Tridon has done their own tribute to our military.

The song "Letters From Home" is that song and I have to say it is a superior tribute.  I'm not going to try to say something cute or funny about the song because there is nothing cute or funny about the sacrifices all of those men and women (and their families) have given for us.  The song is excellent, and the band should be very proud of it.

Its quite difficult talking about a band that has this much talent, I am finding myself at a loss of words as I try too.  Tridon is a band that has to be on the rise, and Tridon is definitely has to be on your list of bands to your personal playlist.  The talent that is within this band is just sick (in a very good way).  From the music to the lyrics and to the vocals Tridon is a force that SHOULD be reckoned with.  Unbelievable stuff!

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