Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heart Impaled

Music has an amazing effect on those that listen to it.  With the exception of some really disturbed people (and NO I am not talking about me) music can evoke emotions that we really never knew we had.  At times said music can run the gamete of emotions to such an extent we really don't understand what we just heard and why we might actually feel the way we do.  As I listened to Heart Impaled for the first time some of those thoughts came to fruition, but were the feelings good or really bad?  Well, keep reading then.

Without trying to wax poetic, the first song I listened to had that effect on me.  The first song I listened to was called "Crying Soul" and from the beginning I sat there looking a tad bit confused (I think, you would have to ask the dogs that sat at my feet, they actually saw the look).  The rationale behind the look wasn't out of disgust, trepidation, boredom or fear it was because of the complexity of what I was hearing.

"Crying Soul" is this amazing complex piece of music that immediately invoked memories of Rammstein and Slayer and while those two names may not seem important, they truly are.  If you are a Rammstein fan the song "Feuer Frei" will ring in your ears as the song begins.  Come to think of it actually, the song really does invoke that song but not in a ripoff fashion, nor do I think that it was intentional.  The song rests on its own laurels and is this thrash / melodic metal hybrid that your grandmother wouldn't be offended by and granny may just bust out a little headbanging whilst listening to it (don't let her though, she could get hurt).

What that song brings to the genre in which they reside is one of the best instrumental songs I have heard, period.  Earlier I said that the song was complex, and it is but it cannot be pushed aside as merely an instrumental, it is a phenomenal piece of work and it will be added to my YouTube favorites.

The word "edge" has a simplicity to it and although it is a simple word, it can evoke many definitions from the basic form meaning a physical break in elevation or the complex of being on the proverbial mental edge.  As I listened to the song "Edge" that complex spin of the mental edge came forward and I listened to the song several times just to feel and understand that emotion.  The song is powerful, edgy (yes I went there) and it is the type of song that we wish we could all write because it just feels like personal emotions.

With the word "edge" being a complex simplicity (think about that one for a little while) the title of the next song takes on that same "complex simplicity".  With the title "Fuck This Society" it is easy to understand the title while using a word that has many possible connotations.  I can think of many songs that utilize the form of the word "society" (just kidding, the word is F@#k) in their lyrics and more than a few song titles but this song has the feel of a punk classic.

When "Fear" released the song "I Don't Care About You", they put out a song that felt angry, dirty and a song that has a feeling that everyone can understand (as if the title didn't give it away first).  That song uses the phrase "F@#k You" often and the use of that word is important to the the nature of the song and the emotion that goes with it.  Heart Impaled has released a song that grabs similar emotions (Fuck This Society) and its message is just as clear.  The song has amazing instrumentation while giving this dark and heavy feel to the lyrics that feel like the anger and angst of nearly everyone at least once in their lifetime.  Great song!

The first word that popped into my head whilst listening to the song "MindScraper" was OUCH (I can't imagine how terrible that would feel having your mind "scraped").  Seriously though this is another great piece of music and as it has this classic metal feel with vocals that remind me much of the band "Ministry".  The more I think about it I realize that this feels like a "Ministry" song and I could imagine this song on a one of their records.  This too is a great song.

The Alternative music genre is this great cacophony of musical talent (anyone that listened to music in the '80's can vouch for that) with so many different spins on the music and often their lyrics were eclectic thus no two bands ever seemed similar.  As I listened to the song "Omnipresence" I was transported back into the '80's (no not through the miracle of chemistry) and the feel of "Depeche Mode" and "Ministry" tore through my addled brain.  The song is incredible, its melodic, kind of dark and it really makes you want to listen to it over and over.

"Little pig, little pig let me in", thus were the immortal words of "Green Jelly" (it was originally Green Jello but the attorneys changed that) and their cult classic "Three Little Pigs" and as I listened to "Ruin Lords" I heard vocals that were reminiscent of that classic song.  While I listened the similarities vaporized, it is musically superior and vocally (despite the earlier comparison), it just took off.  This is an excellent song if you want to get the heart rate up and you feel like starting a mosh pit with school children (we're all getting old and its doubtful they could hurt many of us).

When the powers of YouTube provided me the option of listening to the song "Spirit of the Cyclone" I was thrilled and probably not for reasons you might think.  While the song starts with this melodic, fast paced, guitar laden piece of music the vocals made it a game changer.  Vocally the song feels dark and seductive (that sounds really wrong), but is exactly the type of thing I would expect from a band like this.  This song is a game changer (I said that twice in one paragraph), it makes an incredible band that much better.

What I discovered within the confines of that song was a menagerie of "Dream Theater" (musically) and "Children of Bodom" (vocally).  This song is in reality something I now expect to hear with every song, this intricate, superior song that will stun you with its beauty and make you wet your knickers for its raw, pure talent.  Take the time to dig it up and listen to it, you will not be disappointed.

With the next song, I reached the final song (its "swansong" in essence) that I was able to listen to and with that the aptly named "Swansong" drifted through my speakers.  As a mournful organ gently played through the beginning a subtly powerful wall of sound began to work its way into the speakers.  With "Dream Theater" like sounds and this feeling of the "Phantom of the Opera" (no not that Broadway thing, think black and white movie) really made this piece of music a real joy to listen to (and to write to as well).

As I listened to the selections I have penned about just moments ago I came to the realization that this is the type of band you really want to listen to with great intent.  The amazing part of all of their music is how effortless they make it sound.  Each piece had depth and grace that many don't think about when they think of a band such as this.  Can anyone really expect grace and melodic music from a metal band?  Absolutely!  Without exception this band is a melodious force upon the music scene and I want to hear more from them. 

Bravo "Heart Impaled"!  

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