Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gift of Destiny

Thrash metal is perhaps one of the most interesting of all forms of the metal genres, its loud, brash, violent and just plain angry.  Thrash metal is a type of music that is so much more than those four descriptive words but to the person that listens to, and understands the music form can expand that list to frightening heights.  Arizona has become the proud parent of a band called "Gift of Destiny" and they may actually be a band that can destroy all of the stereotypes.

"Gift of Destiny" the moniker of a thrash metal band from the great State of Arizona may be more than just a name, it could be very prophetic.  Having never heard the band before I decided to sit back and just listen to their music and experience their music from afar.  Instead of just sitting back and relaxing, I found myself immersed in this powerful wave of glorious noise that made me want to "head bang" all over again.

I had started the experience by traveling to their website where I found five songs just ripe for my choosing and that led to YouTube and Reverbnation and to this very page (so I could start writing of course).  Making a concerted effort to be adventurous I dove into the five songs with reckless abandon so I chose the song "Bloodstains".  I confess, the selection was because it reminded me of an Agent Orange song.  To my surprise "Bloodstains" was actually a remake of that very Agent Orange song and I knew how high to set the bar for the band at that moment.  "Bloodstains" is my favorite Agent Orange song and any band that dares to remake a song runs the chance of me screaming so loud that my dogs begin to tunnel out of the house because the version was just evil bad.

The dogs didn't have to begin digging, I absolutely loved the remake but here's a catch, they made the song sound like THEY owned it.  Its true, they played the song as if they wrote it but at the same time, it does not detract from the original song rather it builds on that song.  The Agent Orange version whether its called punk rock or skate punk (I hate that description by the way) is perfect in either of those musical states but the Gift of Destiny version is perfect in the thrash metal world too.  In a word, BRILLIANT.

Their music screams with the flavor of the genre as well as punk and that classic metal that every band cuts their teeth with.  When I was listening to the song "Raise Some Hell" I swore I was listening to the unholy birth of a song sired by Nine Inch Nails and Slipknot.  The song exuded both bands, I was impressed by the way they put this song together.  As I jotted my notes (one day they'll be in a Presidential library or the Library of Congress, as toilet paper) I broke my unwritten rule of actually grading a song and this first grade of mine was 5 out of 5.

The unholy birthing continued as I listened to "FU-1070", a politically charged, very angry song about the infamous Arizona SB-1070 Immigration bill (not talking politics on this, I'm just giving the information I think is important).  Once again two entirely different bands (System of a Down and S.O.D.) filled the ever muddled brain of little old me.  Regardless of your position on said subject, the song is bad assed, I absolutely loved it.

Then the genre of punk reared its head once again with the song "Fah Q", please note that the song feels like full blown punk.  I love this song, the beat is infectious and the chorus is very easy to remember so I'm guessing this will become a serious earworm for myself (SWEET).  The nice thing about punk music is its simplicity filled with intelligence and something many songs try to do (but few accomplish) is a point and the point is there for all to hear.  Amazing, I loved it!

Now we're getting to "the meat of the potatoes" (sorry I had to throw that "Storage Wars" reference in) and the song "Waiting".  I really think I was giddy when this song started, it felt like a Slayer or even a Hallows Eve song.  The great thing is that this song wasn't trying to do so but I think it could be the ideal song for the thrash lover in your life.  Alright that was hokey but the song is what I would call an "anthem" song.  My definition of an anthem song would be a song that pops into my head when I think of a band and "Waiting" will probably fit that definition quite well.

Gift of Destiny is a band that has the whole package, they have great lyrics, great music, great vocals and great potential.  I would dare to say that Gift of Destiny should, no MUST fit a slot in your personal music library.  This band has a future ahead of it that is as bright as any I have seen or heard, I love this band.  Hopefully I'll be able to get to a show one day (maybe when they're huge they will play in my area) BUT my Arizona brethren you can take in a show and if you do, let me know how they are live!

In closing I'll tell you to buy their merchandise, CD's, etc., but I'm telling you from the bottom of my heart that this band has it all going for it.  Make sure you jump on their band wagon because that band wagon will be rolling for a long time, a really long time.  Utterly amazing!


  1. Well said!!! These guys are around for the long haul!! Great read, well done!