Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The i wireless Center

Being from Illinois (keep your snickers to yourself) and less than 100 miles from Moline, IL, it seems that I should be very familiar with the city  Unfortunately I really am not that familiar with it, except my Uncle David lived there and John Deere is there but that's really about it.  Moline sits in a Bi-State area of Illinois and Iowa and is part of the Quad Cities and although I have attended many concerts on the Iowa side, Moline has never been a destination for me, until now.

Before February 14th, 2011 I had never been to a concert in Moline, and I think attending an Ozzy Osbourne concert may have been the best possible scenario for a first visit (I have previously written about the Valentines Day concert so I will not be revisiting it).  It takes patience in finding a great concert in your area, lets face it it's Moline, Illinois and how anxious would a band be to come there?

I discovered something the evening of August 6th, 2011, first I discovered that indeed patience is a virtue and second I learned exactly why a band would want to come to Moline and the i wireless Center.  With a lineup that started with "New York Dolls", "Poison"and "Motley Crue", my patience was rewarded and I learned EXACTLY why those three bands would go to Moline, IL (I'll be posting individual reviews of each band shortly).

That good old-fashioned Midwest hospitality came hither as I watched fans of all ages, cheer and be excited for each band including the New York Dolls, who doesn't grace the airwaves of the Quad Cities with any regularity.  The hospitality was reinforced while traversing the walkways, and a general sense of camaraderie amongst the denizens.  While visiting any place with large amounts of people, tensions can and do flare and probably did although I didn't see it.

This brings us to the staff itself, the ushers, security, people manning all of the stands, ticket takers, etc.  If the staff of a location is generally friendly, then it is to be expected that your personal enjoyment will be accomplished, this obviously was the case.  I'll make this point immediately, I hate being searched I really do and although its a necessary evil it doesn't mean you have to like it!  Starting there makes the most sense so here goes, they were great, they were amiable and friendly, as were every single staff member I interacted was (I'm not going through every one I met).

My overall impression of the experience(s) now a whopping total of two, is that if there is an opportunity to see some amazing talent and the spectacle that follows said talent, can be summed up in two words:  Go there!  The facility is excellent, and judging by the talent that has been there this year, it will maintain that standard.

If you can, find a show and attend you will be glad you did!

Up next: the New York Dolls.

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