Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guilty Pleasure - Pomplamoose

I was given a link tonight for a song by a band named Pomplamoose, and in listening a few of their songs I sat here slack jawed.  I do believe that this band is now my new guilty pleasure.

Its not too often where I can listen to music and not find some stuff that I really don't like about something, but I really found nothing.  The link I was given was for a classic Earth, Wind and Fire song, "September".  As I played the link I noticed something almost immediately, although the original song was great, this song became viral in my vast expanse of open brain cells.

I'm not sure if it was the blue puppet on the drum pedal, or if it was the fact that I swear I have seen this woman before.  Her voice is almost mesmerizing coupled with the toy xylophone and quite spry grandmother dancing in the video, I was impressed.  This was almost my "You had me at hello" moment, so I searched for more.

I found more too.  Their version of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" seemed brand new with her voice, the instruments being used (cue that toy xylophone) and her own backing vocals, I was once again stunned, and most importantly.  For a man that has never liked Michael (long before his legal issues), I enjoyed the song and I really understand some of his brilliance (okay that's stretching it, a tad).

So in my quest for a further fix, I found "Another Day" by that very same Pomplamoose and I realized while listening to it that I was getting a headache.  This headache had nothing to do with the vocals, the band, the video, nope this had to do with the fact that I was playing the song just a tad bit too long for the speakers I have plugged into the laptop.

How in the hell are they doing this to me?  I don't impress that easily but after a selection of "Mr. Sandman", "Mrs. Robinson", and "My Favorite Things", I was impressed.  Sure Mrs. Robinson is a classic Simon and Garfunkel song, and My Favorite Things was from The Sound of Music, but put that aside and these songs sound like these songs are theirs.  Written, performed and sold on iTunes by them and no one else.

I've saved my favorite for last, "If You Think You Need Some Lovin".  This song has an almost peaceful, head bobbing quality and while I sat there listening, I started to pay attention to the lyrics (I know, HERETIC) and they were really funny as she seems to being prompting whoever to just forget everything else to just get down to it. 

This is definitely my new Guilty Pleasure band.  A++++++++++

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  1. In deciding which link to share I was torn between September and Beat It. I chose the right one to share because I knew it would lead you to the other(s). Enjoy. They had me at the blue puppet:)