Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did you ever...

I was going through my CD's earlier today and I picked up an old "History; America's Greatest Hits", by the BAND America, not the country, and I decided to listen for a little while.  Now I sit here listening to it still and I am remembering what it was about America that I really liked.

As I sat there listening to "Sister Golden Hair", other songs by America began to pop into my head, so I would change the current song to a different one so fast I think I got dizzy.  From "Ventura Highway", to "Tin Man", to "A Horse With No Name", back to "Sister Golden Hair" then quick to...  "Muskrat Love"?  How in the bloody hell did I forget they did "Muskrat Love"?

Well that fixed that little blurb of the day.  I think I need a shower to wash off that stink...

Muskrat Love????

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