Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Halfway Jam - Day 3 July 26th, 2014

All good things must come to an end or so the cliche goes.  Its a simple fact that when there is a type of schedule everything does indeed come to an end.  Day Three of "Halfway Jam" came to an exceptional conclusion under a backdrop that featured some incredible bands.

The Eleventh Annual edition of Halfway Jam began on Saturday July 26th, 2014 with the knowledge that the culmination of the hard work of the staff of Halfway was coming to a close.  Despite the finality of the day, the bands awaiting the denizens were two bands with classic ballads and another named for a relative of a dog.  Early in the day it was a little on the windy side but the weather couldn't have been more beautiful.  As night fell the weather stayed static, the stars looked down and the music of the bands and its fans screamed forth.  I seem to remember the soft, serene sounds of a chainsaw began to hum.

Once again the guests in the VIP area were treated with a great meal which is a surprise for any music festival.  The menu of broasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits and a small salad bar was phenomenal.  Halfway Jam should be applauded for the meals they provided Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Saturday was a bit of a day to relax for us so we didn't arrive very early at the venue and upon our arrival I took some time to prepare my notes for the day AND do a little networking, because of that I didn't spend much time around the Westside Stage.  I did hear excellent things about the band "Dirtee Circus" and "Blimp" so I really cannot tell you much about anything in detail.  I can tell you that on the stage that day were the bands "Platinum FM", "Lolah", "Down N' Dirty", "Dirtee Circus", "The Mitzfitz", and "Blimp."

On the Main Stage were three bands that are different in every fashion, while their impact in their realm of music is unquestioned.  When the band "Firehouse" entered the consciousness of music fans so did the ballads that spawned itself into millions of wedding songs.  Okay, millions might be a little extreme but the songs "Love of a Lifetime", "When I Look Into Your Eyes",  and "I Live My Life for You" were the capstone of more than just a few nuptials.  Firehouse gave more to music than simply three ballads and during their performance at Halfway Jam they showed the depth of that catalog and they made their entire set fun!  Hopefully I will be able to see them again soon, and make sure to check my blog (musicallead.blogspot.com) for more information on their performance!

When the Canadian band April Wine first came onto the scene in 1969 their success was obvious immediately.  Within the borders of Canada the band was in the Top 10 of the Billboard charts six times, with a #2 hit in the single "You Could Have Been a Lady" and although their success in the States didn't hit as quickly as they probably wanted, they too created a ballad for the ages.  The song "Just Between You and Me" has been a wedding staple and a personal favorite of mine since its release in 1981, and judging by the reaction of the crowd when they began performing it, many others agree.

A music festival is much like a baseball game, someone always has to close the event out.  Yes a proper closer should be used but at times the closer may not pull out the win.  To close Halfway Jam on July 26th, 2014 the band "Jackyl" stepped up on the mound, took the ball and brought it all home.  Jesse James Dupree, Chris Worley, Jeff Worley and Roman Glick stormed forth with the energy and passion that only Jackyl can.  Dupree and the boys are the the right people to open, play in the middle, open every day and close because they are simply THE most entertaining performers in music today.  It amazes me every time I see Jackyl, they do nothing but entertain and the reaction of the crowd is indicative of that fact.  Jackyl was simply the best performer for the three days.

Day 3 of Halfway Jam was bittersweet.  For three days the festival was full of incredible acts that really made the crowd excited and entertained.  Regardless of the type of ticket or pass had by the attendees the experience was amazing.  Each day had its winners, and I really think those winners were indeed the fans.  It was hard not to find someone that didn't have fun and in fact I dare to say few went home disappointed. To everyone that attends or wants to attend you must realize that your feedback makes it better for everyone.  If you have favorites that you think would be a good fit, speak up now!  Take a couple of minutes and go to the website for Halfway Jam (HERE) and send them a message with your suggestions.

Halfway Jam - 2014 was an idyllic setting for three days of awesome.  The weather was gorgeous, the food was great, the fans were off the chain, the music was incredible making the whole event worth the money and the wait.  If you have never been to a music festival, or you wish to go to one that is well-prepared and well-stocked with talent and great people, make Halfway Jam in Royalton, Minnesota July 2015 that very place!

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