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Namaste - Q & Z Expo Center - May 22nd, 2014

Namaste: "Is used as a respectful form of greeting, acknowledging and welcoming a relative, guest or stranger. It is used with good byes as well. It is typically spoken and simultaneously performed with palms touching gesture."  Its an interesting word really, as mentioned above it has many meanings all of which lead to a spirituality that words from the English language really don't seem to have the same level of respect.  Respect is of great import to cultures, clans and individuals for millennia.  So?

On May 22nd, 2014 I ventured to Wausau, Wisconsin to see the band Namaste as they were an opening act for the band "Saving Abel" (along with three other opening acts).  It was a great night for the band, they released their first EP CD, playing on the same bill as "Saving Abel" and it actually was their very FIRST live gig.  Yes you read that last piece right, it was their first live show but you know if you could tell it was you were seriously mistaken.

I love music, I love all kinds of music but I think what I love more than anything is finding new bands that make an indelible mark on my psyche.  Namaste did that.  The first thing of significance to talk about is the fact that the band performed their own music, they wrote the music, the melodies, the lyrics and they did it with a sophistication that is unheard of for your first performance.

The music that the band performed had flavors of many of their influences and it is doubtful that any band doesn't incorporate some part of their favorites.  Their first album, Balance, has four songs on it, just four but these aren't the run of the mill songs that sound like a new band.  There are layers, there is feeling and complexity to the music that is really superior.  But as I sat there I began to identify with those influences and I began to feel more than just influences of the "other bands."  What I started to hear was this cacophony of how each of those bands really made an impact in their souls.

If I were to tell you a band was able to merge bands like "Alice in Chains", "Sepultura" "Stone Temple Pilots" AND "Pink Floyd" into their sound all at the same time you may think it would be muddy, kind of messy and without simple understanding well you would be wrong.  Its interesting to mix those types together but if you really think about it, the stretch to do so isn't that far in the first place.  If you think about it for a minute that shows a level of intelligence and complexity that few would ever attempt but I think the thing that really makes that merger special is the fact that I doubt they did it with any attempt to do so.

There are many bands in this world, cover bands, tribute bands, original bands for that matter that try to make smart music based on their "heroes" and they fail miserably because they just can't pull it off but Namaste is different.  This band has the chance to be something special and based on what I have heard they should be able to do so. Why should you believe so?  Based on what I have had said based on one show?  Nope not even close, to gauge that potential you have to factor in the relatively short time they have been together but also what their first gig was.

"Saving Abel" is a pretty major deal and to open for them would be hard for many bands and when you look at the simple fact that the band performed in a facility, the Q & Z Expo Center in Easton (Ringle) Wisconsin, that is an ever expanding facility, the task can be daunting.  The facility is fascinating, a former elementary school gymnasium that is still attached to that school and that can make for some difficulty.  It wasn't the case for Namaste or any of the bands for that matter, but those bands have had a chance to play together before, setup their gear, perfect their sound, tweak their performances and then break down following the performance.  Its a great facility to see live music.

When you factor in the intangibles that make a successful venue it similar to those of a successful band, or within the confines of this article, Namaste.  Despite the newness this band has a swagger, an attitude about their music and a desire to be the best.  While the structure of an existing building has an experienced foundation and its walls have seen and heard laughter and tears so are the foundation of a band like Namaste.  Yes the Expo Center has a new purpose so do the members of the band.

Each member brings experiences and emotions to the table that meld into a new foundation that makes really, really good music.  For those of you that have a chance to see Namaste live in the Wausau, Wisconsin area do so.  I assure you disappointed will not be an emotion you come away with.  I would bet that you will have a new found respect and love of the music that they produce.

Want to hear more?  Visit them HERE on Reverbnation.

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