Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bang Tango - Mississippi Moon Bar

The number two has an amazing power on each of us, at least it seems like it.  It can mean everything from a two-year anniversary or a two-for-one special on pizzas if your name is Giorgio.  It's true that all numbers have amazing "powers" over us but unlike many others two can be used in another capacity, that being a place, second for example.  Second can be used in the capacity of "second place" for example.  I still own a t-shirt from many years gone now with the simple phrase "Second place is the FIRST loser" emblazoned upon its back.  There is still another option to examine, time.

Time is pivotal in our daily lives if not for the simple reason to present a standardized time to wake up every day.  I know, I know that is oversimplifying the concept of time but it kind of is true isn't it?  Often times we discover that time is not on our side but the ability to stretch time is something limited to wizards and Chuck Norris (seriously have you SEEN him lately).  Despite those shortcomings there is a chance we can trick ourselves to believe that we may have actually stretched time.  The easiest way to to accomplish that feat, do something twice.

As I ventured to the Mississippi Moon Bar in Dubuque, Iowa on August 13th, 2013 to see the band "Bang Tango", it was for the second time within a year +/- so I thought I might be able to attempt stretching time.  Let me make something clear here, I am not a wizard nor am I Chuck Norris but as excited as I was to see the band I hadn't magical powers to accomplish it.  Its easy to forget bands and performers from your past but when the opportunity presents itself to relive the good things from the past DO IT.

When I wrote about Bang Tango following their performance at "Halfway Jam" I said flat out that before that performance I wasn't what one would call a major fan.  I knew some the bands music but I wasn't sure what I would get seeing them live.  That's where trying to relive your past at times can be fun.  If you went to concerts in which "hair bands" were performing in your near past, then you know the adrenaline rush that hits you the second the lights go down and the screaming explodes all at one time.  Unless you have been in that situation its impossible to describe but as the "hair metal" era began to slip into a form of anonymity it appeared that all was lost.  It is possible that the genre, the musicians and bands could have been lost forever but something happened to eliminate anonymity, that being a resurgence of 30 - 40ish year old fans and their love of the music

This is where Bang Tango comes in and with a vengeance for that matter.  Had I never seen the band, as well as their staunch fans they could have drifted away.  But they didn't, they came to the Mississippi Moon Bar with a fire in their bellies.  In my previous article about the band I talked about each member of the band and how talented they are.  My opinion still stands, they are above talented.

With the vocal style that Joe Leste' has, that deep gravel quality to it but then it also has that high pitched scratchy feel too, it is surprising that his voice could hold up.  Well I can assure you that Leste' hasn't lost either portion of his voice, he is still that good.  Leste' has the qualities that every lead singer of that era had to have.  His vocals still have the depth and emotion, with that said Leste' has this inane ability to sound almost as if he were in a studio.  Excellent performer.

The other members of the band, Lance Eric (Bass), Scott LaFlamme (Guitar), and Timmy Russell (Drums) are incredible.  I can't say enough how much fun they appeared to be having whilst performing.  But wouldn't that be part of maintaining any band, the ability to have fun?  Certainly we have all seen that one band that plays for the cash but that is what the band is about.  I was far from concerned about how the band was going to sound, I knew exactly how great they were going to be and they blew me away.

Seeing Bang Tango at the Mississippi Moon Bar gave me that little shot of the past that taste of days gone by.  Time is a relative thing that allows us to go back to days of your youth if we'd like, not through time travel but rather through pictures and music of our past.  Even in present day those pictures and songs can take us back to prom, first girl / boy friends, car accidents, finals and those that have passed away just for a little but time cannot do that, only we can.  We can fill in those gaps in between memories by adding new ones and doing things we never thought we would do.  Think back to your youth and the opportunities we missed.  Take the time and find those bands you loved and go to one of their shows and make Bang Tango the first.  Bang Tango is phenomenal and a must see.

Great job once again boys!

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