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Todd Kerns - An Interview with "Dammit"

The year of 2012 had a significant impact on this blog (and me too), it featured many bands from the "hair metal" era.  There were so many in fact that I could barely keep up but one show sticks out for good reason.  That show being "Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators".

The reputation of Slash himself is what legends are made of so what else would you expect from Myles Kennedy or the Conspirators"?  Slash has put together a band that in all honesty is killer.  Of the members of the band one person stood out: Todd Kerns.  I had the good fortune to talk to Mr. Kerns through the world of electronic mail and he agreed to an electronic Q and A session.

Did you participate in any sort of elementary or high school bands?  Which instrument(s)?

I did not. By 13/14 I was already playing with guys much older than me in a rock band. I have no formal training

I had read that you are from Canada are there many differences between the music scene in Canada and the US?

Well, like any country there is music that is successful at home but doesn't spread internationally for whatever reason.  Canada has a much smaller population to reach. The US is a giant market.  There are too many differences to list with many similarities as well

Was “The Age of Electric” your first serious band or were there any others?

There were other bands before that but AOE was the first to release music

While working with Bob Rock and Gil Norton in the band “The Age of Electric”, did they give you “tips” or advice on what your next step should be?
Not purposely but I picked their brains and watched them work very closely. They have both done amazing things

With “The Age of Electric” being a success, was it easy to end that project? 

Not easy at all. In fact we all look back on that as a mistake but everything has turned out well enough for all involved

It seems to be a stereotype that families cannot work with one another.  Starting “Static in Stereo” with your brothers (John and Ryan) was there any trepidation or concerns that the family would split apart?

Not for us. I loved working with my brothers. We had each others backs and have great chemistry together

What kind of music would you say that “Static in Stereo” played?  Did your brothers continue with the band after your solo project began?

No. The only reason I did a solo album was because SIS had ended. We played pretty straight up rock with some pop songwriting chops

It’s fascinating to me when I look back at the influences you list for your first solo album, what other influences do you have? 

My influences are largely the same though I look to people like Jack White, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme of the new breed 

Your support of several charities such as The St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fight Cancer & The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation shows your devotion to giving back (and should be commended), can you tell me a little bit about the Greg Verdusco Memorial Fund? 

We only just started it to help his family dig themselves out of the pile of debt incurred hole trying to save his life. He is missed

Is there a way others can contribute to Greg’s family?

Yes. There is a donation section on the main page at

Was there much “pressure” heaped upon you to shave your head like your drummer and manager did?  ;-) 

I never feel pressure to so. It is an honor to do whatever I can to help in any way I can.

Your latest solo project the upcoming release of “Borrowing Trouble” on June 2nd, can the album be purchased online and/or music stores?

At the moment it will be available on iTunes, and of course  We plan to have it in stores later in the summer. Music stores are a bit of a specialty thing these days but some of my favorite places in the world 

Speaking of your body of work, where can your other CD’s be purchased?

Sinners CDs can be purchase at

During a performance with Slash (featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators) we got to hear your vocals on a GNR (Out Ta Get Me) and a Slash (Dr.Alibi) song, do you do vocals on any other songs (when touring with Slash)? 

I also sing You're Crazy by GNR and We're All Gonna Die from Slash's 1st solo cd

What kind of gear do you use?  Do you make changes to the gear depending on your solo act and Slash? 

I use Music Man Stingray basses and GK amps with Slash. When playing guitar I use Gibson guitars and Marshall amplifiers. Acoustic wise I use mostly my Gibson J-45 

What has been your biggest challenge performing with Slash? 

I don't find too much challenging about life with Slash. I love playing music and any curve ball thrown at me is a more than welcome challenge 

When Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators performed in Dubuque, IA Slash said "Dubuque, Iowa was the most intimate show of the tour; very up close & personal. Great vibe from the crowd.  Good time. iiii]; )' do think that the band may come back? 


I posed the question on Facebook “What would you like me to ask Todd Kerns” so if I could I’ll ask a couple of those. 

Where did “DAMMIT” come from?

My friends used it as a nickname. It rhymes with God Dammit.

What is your favorite horror film character? 

Hmmm...probably Alien. The first film changed my life


First of all THANK YOU Todd, I sincerely appreciate it!  When Slash made his presence known in Dubuque, Iowa most people had no idea who his band might be.  Sure people  knew Slash and many knew Myles Kennedy but that was really about it.  What happened during that show was something amazing.  With all of the flash, pomp and circumstance that blew into Dubuque we were privy to one heck of a band.  Todd Kerns made his presence known and I have to tell you he is incredible.  Kerns is an elite bass player, strike that, he is an elite performer, musician and a great guy!  Check out his website, his CD's and his charities and tell him I said hello!

Thank you again!!

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