Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Needed a Good Laugh

It's 11 o'clock and I'm trying to wind down to hopefully allow myself to sleep and then it happens; a full-fledged debate.  After posting a video from YouTube earlier this evening, a friend of mine and I began talking about bands and it happened, he said the "H" word.  No not "hydrogen", he said "HAIR", as in "hair bands", well so much for sleep.
Ordinarily I would spend some time, or a vast amount of time depending on the thought process for the evening, but sleep is needed and I really wanted to catch the night train into slumber, but is that going to happen?  Nope.  Why?  I'll tell you why, because I was inspired to share with them the ins and outs of "hair bands".  How is this important?  I'll get to that shortly, but lets get "to the meat of the potatoes" (thanks to Darrell on "Storage Wars" for that one).

I have a certain part of my heart that is still devoted to the '80s and all of the genres that it spawned but there are specific things about the music of the decade that can go between genres and there are some that are much more defined.  As an example the band Fear, is a punk band, they can't be defined as an alternative band, but OMD for instance could be considered alternative as well as a pop band.  The debate began with a similar argument actually.

Sure its a childish argument, but damn the world and its rules!  The argument stemmed from a comment where it was mentioned that AC/DC was a hair band, and fortunately for me I wasn't eating at the time because I would have likely choked.  I politely explained that AC/DC was never a hair band, hair bands followed a fairly standard script when it came to being a hair band.  I was taken aback slightly when he told me to name two bands that followed a "fairly standard script".  So it began.

With a chuckle (he couldn't hear it, we were talking via Facebook), a hearty chuckle by the way, I listed a few examples.  Starting with the basic "hair band" costume, lots of makeup, Aqua Net and stiletto heels and lots of "pretty boys", one must automatically think of "Poison" as well as "Motley Crue".  Apparently that was a terrible pair because I was chastised as Motley Crue is a heavy metal band, not a hair band.  Their "first" album, "Shout at the Devil" was metal (I did correct them about the "first" album thing BTW) and Poison is "metal all the way dude".  Suuuure.

The conversation soon faded away into oblivion as I listened to diatribe after diatribe about the importance of "Twisted Sister" in the development of metal into what later became grunge (not kidding) and how the first really hard metal band was Bon Jovi (still not kidding).  There was just so much ammunition for me and so many terrible facts wafting over the "World of Facebook" from his side that I wasn't even putting good music out for my FB family to listen to. 

Yes my Facebook friends this argument is why you got to listen to "Tiffany", "Chicago", and "REO Speedwagon" and not much of anything else.  Oh well, it could be worse, I could have posted "Zamfir -The Master of the Pan Flute", and on that bombshell I leave with a good laugh, slightly heavy eyelids and the calming sound of "Clutch - Binge and Purge".

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