Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hairball - Part Two

Hairball, that quintessential '80's hair metal cover band made another appearance in the world that is my wandering aimlessly from venue to venue in search of new bands.  In December of 2011 I wrote about the band and their appearance at the Mississippi Moon Bar and I was blown away.  Could the magic befall once more and transport me back to the '80's?  Would their be mullets?  How about weird old people acting like they were fourteen all over again?  Well...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Adam Yauch - Pioneer and Original Spirit

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently inducted into their stable several deserving bands, and of those bands only one, ONE rap/hiphop act made it in 2012.  The Beastie Boys were an enigmatic group that amalgamated perceived differing generations of rap/hiphop.  At a time when it was thought (and in some instances assumed) that rap/hiphop was strictly an inner city phenomena, the Beastie Boys proved them all wrong.  At the forefront of the Beasties was Adam Yauch.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Frequency - Madison, WI

"Kenneth, what is the frequency?"  That's the question, but why do I ask?  Do I really want to know why Dan Rather was pummeled by strangers after they asked that question?  When Rather was asked that question no one could imagine that such a little question would spawn songs, parodies and constant jabs by those old guys on TV after the 10 o'clock (Central time of course) news.  I almost forgot, no I don't want to know the answer (why Rather took a beat down) but the question should probably be "What is the Frequency?"

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toy Boxx - The Ozone

Anyone that has children (yes husbands count) knows how difficult it is to get them to put their stuff put away when they are done with it.  From balls to games to those freaking nasty, sharp little pieces of screaming in agony when you step on the in the middle of the night Lego's, knows how important it is to put everything away when they are done playing.  It is really interesting when you realize how many different types of containers that this stuff will fit in but rest assuredly that a toy box is the best of them all.  As I put the final destination of out Saturday night in Omaha away it was almost fitting that the destination would be seeing "Toy Boxx".

Friday, May 4, 2012

Undercover - Anchor Inn

Television and movies have made the role of people undercover look like some glamorous adventure where everyone gets a hot girlfriend and they catch the bad guy all in a neat little 56 minute block of time.  Despite the pretty picture that has been painted (probably by Bob Ross), undercover work is a thankless, boring job.  The first night we were in Omaha recently I went "undercover" kind of and watched the band "Undercover" perform.  Did I get the bad guy at the end?  Did I get to shoot the bad guy?  Keep reading.

Monsters In The Basement - Chrome Lounge

I'm sure at some time in our lives we all have been afraid of the monsters in the closet, under the bed, in the attic and those that have been elected into higher offices in the government but after we age those fears begin to dissipate (except for the elected people).  We all have had these fears but perhaps the worst of all of the monsters were in that dark, dank basement.  Its creepy down there at age five (let alone forty five), but should we really fear those monsters?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Slaughter - Horseshoe Casino

Coincidence is defined as a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance.  While my trip to the Horseshoe Casino was far from coincidental, I had a purpose to be there.  The travel from the "great" State of Illinois to Council Bluffs was to simply see a band in a venue I had never been to before, so you may ask what is the coincidence?  Well...

Local Music and You. Yes, YOU!

Anyone that has read more than one post / article that on this little thing I call a soapbox knows that I think that supporting local music is a good thing but believing is an entirely different matter.  How important can a local music scene really be?  I mean what good comes from supporting your local music and musicians right?

Three Day Meat Sale - Horseshoe Casino

As I typed the above title "Three Day Meat Sale - Horseshoe Casino" I began to think what those of you that are reading this (that would be you and the thousands that you forward to this site) might think.  The title implies that the Horseshoe Casino is selling what could be construed as large quantities of meat products but when you realize that said "meat sale" was appearing in the same venue as "Slaughter" well you can connect the dots.  Why would I talk about some type of disturbing butchering and sale of meat, and more importantly, why would I talk about it here?