Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Banjo Loco - The White House

A whirlwind would be the best way to describe the trip I took in July 2011.  I was in a mad dash to get to Royalton, Minnesota and my very first "Halfway Jam".  On the books that night was the solo act of Stephen Pearcy (Pearcy is also in a band called "Ratt") and as the sound checks were being completed we arrived.  During the show a friendship was born and a new chapter in this blog began.  Why do you care you may ask, well...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bang Tango - Mississippi Moon Bar

The number two has an amazing power on each of us, at least it seems like it.  It can mean everything from a two-year anniversary or a two-for-one special on pizzas if your name is Giorgio.  It's true that all numbers have amazing "powers" over us but unlike many others two can be used in another capacity, that being a place, second for example.  Second can be used in the capacity of "second place" for example.  I still own a t-shirt from many years gone now with the simple phrase "Second place is the FIRST loser" emblazoned upon its back.  There is still another option to examine, time.